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Some examples of my work. 

Samsung R88X_R89X_QSG.jpg

Ongoing yearly contract to produce reference guides and user manuals for the latest smartphones, tablets, watches, and accessories sold in Canada. I write, edit and lay out content in Adobe InDesign, and create PDF files for printing and online delivery.  

Samsung Electronics Canada, Mississauga ON

Echologics, Toronto ON

Produced instruction manuals for the LeakTuner® Acoustic Leak Listening Device and LeakFinder-ST™ Acoustic Leak Detection System. Tasks included photography, writing and editing, design and layout in Adobe InDesign, and PDF creation. Also wrote video scripts and newsletter articles.  

Echologics LeakTuner Manual.jpg

HDR/iTrans Consulting Inc., Richmond Hill ON

Copy edit and layout of Book 12 and Book 15 of the Ontario Traffic Manual. Tasks included text editing and proofreading, graphic revisions, layout in Adobe InDesign, and production of PDF files for electronic distribution and printing.  

iTrans Ontario traffic Manual.jpg

Jroberts Manufacturing Inc., Woodbridge ON

Produced instruction manuals for Mercedes-Benz LUVWs (light utility vehicle wheeled) for the Department of National Defence: installation and maintenance of replacement weapon station, installation instructions for military police lighting system, testing and replacement of electrical connectors. Tasks included writing and editing, photo enhancement, layout of English and French content in Adobe FrameMaker, and PDF creation.

jRoberts National Defense manual.jpg
ept cover.jpg

Electronic Products and Technology (EP&T) magazine, Toronto ON

Contributing editor of a trade magazine for the electronic manufacturing sector for 13 years. I edited press releases, data sheets, articles, and other material for each issue, and occasionally wrote feature articles.


Sheridan College, Oakville ON

Edited and restyled 26 course module PowerPoint presentations for the Low-Carbon Building Skills program. 

ATX Networks, Ajax ON

Produced installation and operation guides for digital audio/video insertion systems. Tasks include photography, writing, editing, and layout in Adobe FrameMaker. 

ATX Networks DVISn Operation Guide.jpg

Hydrogenics, Mississauga ON

Produced instruction manuals for components used in hydrogen-fueled backup power systems. Tasks included writing, editing and layout in Adobe FrameMaker. 

Hydrogenics HYPM XR 12 Cover_Page_001.jpg

Prophix Software Inc., Mississauga ON

Revised three software manuals. Tasks included conversion from Adobe PageMaker to FrameMaker, text editing and proofreading, hundreds of screen images with callouts, layout and PDF creation. Also wrote several case studies.

Prophix user guide.jpg

AIR802 LLC, Naperville IL

Produced data sheets, instruction manuals, brochures, and drawings for this wireless equipment manufacturer. Tasks include writing, editing, photography, design and layout. 

AIR802 SW24MGSFP data sheet.jpg

Smiths Detection, Mississauga ON

Produced several detailed service manuals for explosive and narcotic detection systems. Tasks included digital photography and image enhancement, writing and editing, design and layout in Adobe FrameMaker, and PDF creation.

Smiths Detection 500DT Technical Manual.jpg

Prodomax Automation Ltd., Barrie ON

Produced operations and service manuals for a robotic welding system and automated assembly line. Tasks included on-site industrial photography, writing and editing, design and layout in Adobe FrameMaker, and colour printing.

Prodomax Operation Manual.jpg
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