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Information design, page layout and print management

First impressions last. Invest in looking good.

Effective communications depends on appearance as well as content. The documents you use to present your business to the world project an image that can make or break your success. They must be good or they will either be forgotten - or worse - remembered negatively. A clean, professional, consistent look makes you stand out and creates confidence in the reader.

I use computers and page layout software such as Adobe FrameMaker and InDesign to efficiently combine text, graphics, photographs and other visual elements into files for online distribution, production of high-quality printed documents, or for commercial printing.

And whether you need one printed copy of a finished piece or thousands, my experience working with all of today's printing technologies (ink jet and laser printers, conventional printing press, direct-to-press, high speed copying) and binding methods (Cerlox, spiral, punched, shrink-wrapped) ensures that the best and most efficient methods are used for your job.



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